Director Desk

Mr. Lalit Sharma


Owner and Founder at Abacus Gyan

Mr. Kapil Sharma


Owner and Founder at Wonder Brain Education

Mr. Jayesh Bhatt

Co-Founder Memory Science

National Record Holder and Memory Expert

Head Managing Partners

Mr. Mayank Mishra

Senior Relationship Manager

Ms. Shipra Singh

Coding Trainer & Center Manager

Head Office

Mr. Nitin Verma

Abacus and Vedic Maths Trainer

Mr. Manish Sharma

Robotics and STEM trainer

Mr. Vikas Sharma

Marketing and Logistics Team

Mr. Ashish Sharma

Logistics Team

Mr. Kshitij Jain

Logistics Team

Ms. Jyoti Gupta

Sales Manager

Mr. Rakesh Gurjar

Sales Manager