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Tezz Dimag is a Professionally Managed Institute that focuses on Building and Nurturing Talent. We offer a Research Based Scientifically Designed Holistic Course Curriculum that Enables a Child to Imagine and Innovate.our team of experts did a minute study on the Child’s journey and the challenges of current education system… Based on the analysis, we have designed a robust 2 year course of 8 levels Each level is designed keeping in mind a Child’s need for the future We believe that the potential of human brain is beyond our imagination. We as the Institute for Kids’ Brain Development are the innovators in brain education system training and children learning centre for sensory development and brain development. Our continual and on-going research into human brain development and our innovative learning techniques coupled. The TezzDimag designed Courses for students in the age group of 6-15 years and also Job Seeker . These courses promote Whole Brain development by stimulating both sides of brain along with enhancement in skills, which leads to greater confidence in students to succeed in School Curriculum& also in all walks of life.

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Advanced Skill development programme for 6 to 14 year kids.

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TezzDimag Program was developed by experts Team and world record holders with experience.

Improves Mental Math Calculation

Enhanced thinking ability

Stronger observation Power

More positive overall attitude

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